Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Rene and Poet 9

Rene: You are the brightest,  cheerful, warm-hearted boy I know. A sweet smell of the very earth, a rock and a solitude. I feel safe when I am with you for you will soon give your life for me before I give mine for you. I love you more than tongue can tell and you must love me in the same way. 

Poet: Oh my sweet sunshine, I love you more and should war come beyond those high walls and foreign men come with swords and stones, I shall defend you with every air I breathe and seek your safety before I fall. 

Rene: What of her? (He paused for a while) for you cannot protect the both of us.  What if you had to choose my sweet friend, what will you do? Oh let me not live to see you brought to such a wretched state, for I will choose for you. 

Poet: My Love, I will see to it that the both of you will be well. I will not choose but hold my tongue and offer my life. The gods forbid that I should be found in such a state but whatever theme it may be you both will live.

This is a heavy conversation my dear, it is heavy to my soul. Let us move to a more lighted talk. 

Rene: Oh Poet, your disposition is that of a butterfly, like a bird and filled with many colours. Let us speak of her, tell me your feelings for her once again.

(Poet spoke all afternoon about His beloved and then both went to the river for a swim).


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