No time for Jealousy

I ain’t got time to be feeling no jealousy
That envious trait that I find deep inside of me.
Birthed from love a runaway drum
Of playing beats I wish never learnt to hop.
I can’t stop; full of passion vested with heat
Burning uncontrolled, growing branches 
Withered leaves was all it Yield.
I can’t strain, she got me stressing 
Cursing the day these eyes
Caught the vision of a perfect beauty*. 
Now I can’t see cause I’m at odds
With the competition all making petition 
For an hour with constant repetition.
Will it go or will my feelings flow 
Like a torrent causing chaos or will I implode.
I don’t know but somebody must show
To soothe this pain that causes ache.
I gotta go a million miles away
Cuz I ain’t got time to be feeling no jealousy.

* or perfect view



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