Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Grant me a dream

Oh My Lord, will you please grant me a dream. Will you today begin to direct my steps and lead me through the path you walked. Here I am with a frustrated heart for I wish to do more for your kingdom cause. I lack a dream and I know not which roads to walk. Oh My God here I am to do your will, to die and live entirely for thee. I know my sins and with tears I plea that I may forsake them for it is all I see which is crippling me. Enable upon me once again like Samson to restore my strength, bid my hands upon the high towers of evil to fall them down. Allow me grace from now till I die to live and love and seek the best for my fellow men. Let me release all of me for the advancement of your Kingdom Love. I cannot be settled until I see your fragrance spread through my feeble life. Use me oh Lord is my heart’s cry and kill with passion all the pride that dwells inside. Let my boast be of you crucified let my message bring the reconciliation that your Father Loves. Grant me a dream oh Lord.


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