More short Poems

More than a passing thought

It is but for a shadow and a thought
I cannot give you what you seek.
Although your vision tonight is of true beauty
Such angelic perfections of which I am unworthy.
To hold me dear is your desired longing 
To have me yours will complete your treasure.
I say you fight a Loosing battle 
Perhaps there is hope in winning the war.

The source

I know the pain it will be to your soul
The tears which will flow
I know it all because Ive felt it once before
It kills me more to learn I'm the source.

A loving fool

I stagger like a drunken man in the isolation of my soul
To hear the rumour that I have been forsaken in my darkest hour.
Oh Bewitched Bewitched 
Yet I cannot curse nor stay my anger.
I have been a fool for loving her
But a loving fool I'd rather be!



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