Miscellanies 8 - Fear the LORD

Have you no inclination of fear, no regard of God’s holiness? Oh this miserable generation, oh this uncaring people who have no regard for God and of His holiness, who disrespect Him from their youth and treat him as a little thing. Oh this hardened people who have not known the holiness of the LORD and yet they call themselves the people of the LORD. I am not here to indict you or to speak wrath upon you but I am here to hopefully instil in your soul a reverence for the LORD. That you should Love him and treasure Him, that you should see Him with eyes of splendour  and ascribe to him glory and strength.  

It is said of God that He is a consuming fire, Holy and pure and without sin.  He sits on his Holy throne in heaven full of Glory and splendour. He is enthroned forever, his name is majestic in all the earth. Who is it who may behold his face and dwell on his holy hill? Only those who are pure in heart, who walk blamelessly and does what is right and speak truth in his heart. For these are those who have gained wisdom for the fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom. Happy is the soul that has been awed by a view of God’s majesty, that has been driven to tremble at His words and damned their own soul when confronted with such unpolluted Holiness. Happy is the soul who is sensitive of the great terror of the LORD because their years will be spent in persuading men to flee from the wrath to come. Happy is the soul who is aware of the great Jehovah for he shall live to please God and not fear the swords of men. 

Those who fear the LORD will obtain pity from him for it is written ‘As the Father shows compassion to his children, so the LORD shows compassion to those who fear Him’. But we do not speak of a servile fear but a godly fear; a fear laden with reverence and awe. A fear which sees a man bow before His God. A fear which is covered with adoration and praise, a fear which arises from beholding Yahweh’s supreme majesty over all creation. Have you no fear of God, if not that is because you have not known him or perhaps you have not come to behold him in his fullness and your knowledge of him is dull. 

Many times it is written that you shall fear the LORD your God but men are quick to follow after their own heart  and eyes which they are inclined to whore after. It is said of Pharaoh that he and his servants did not have the fear of the LORD in their hearts and therefore they disobeyed his commands. They disregarded the LORD and knew not that it was Him who once flooded the whole world because of the exceeding wickedness of the children of men. And because they had no fear of the LORD they could not turn to Him for mercy for they blushed at his threatening and warnings and in a single day He brought about their destruction. 

Work out your salvation with fear and trembling and here is spoken of a fear which does not disregard the kindness of God but understands that His kindness leads men to repentance.  And of the coming judgment if we Love God then we have no need to fear damnation for perfect love cast out all fear. And by beholding the supreme kindness that God has shown to us in the death of His Son, we stand in awe trembling at such a majestic love and grace. 



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