The King's Daughters

I gazed into the chamber of the King
And there I saw such splendid waves of great attraction.
Gentle breezes of wind carried around
The fragrance which sprung from their pure holy hearts. 
Nature, perfectly captured by their ease delights
The Chrystal streams flowed with light.
Each were dressed with robes interwoven with gold
In many coloured robes they danced and laughed.
Infectious vivacity a loving tendency
Poised with inheritable grace and warmth to charm
The soul of any man would die to have.
And I saw on each head a crown of Gold, Sapphire and Beryl
Onyx, Chrystal, Jasper and Love.
Betrothed it said to the One Called Christ
Whose radiance does make the sun bow.

Oh Christian Girls; is this not of you
Of what you shall be of what you are. 
All glorious within, a daughter of the King
A beauty and a sweet fragrance you are to Him.

(a picture of what Christian girls are and to be)



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