Monday, 20 June 2011

The Joy of confession 13

Sinner: Oh Sir I have many confessions to make, my heart has lately or for the past year been a pool of idolatry. I have been held by the love of a woman, by the love of money and often taken over with jealousy and envy. My flesh has been weak and unwilling and I have quenched the Spirit. Oh Sir, what is to be done with my soul, I feel useless and unworthy and although I seek God yet I cannot find him. I feel I shall never find him again because of my rebellion and my many sins. Oh I am done, I am finished, crippled by my sins crippled by my sins and now heading to hell. Oh I should have heed the warnings of scripture about hardening my soul, I should have listened and suffered my flesh. Now I reap of what I sow, Oh help me sir!

Sir: My Child, it pleases my soul to see you in such a wretched state. It pleases me because there is hope for you. Because you weep, because you seek help the Spirit has not altogether forsaken you but it pleased Him to bring you to repentance. And I have seen many a sorry people and yours I know to be real, this is a real work of the Spirit. Oh cover your tears and come, yes come once again to Christ who died for you. You are one of his elect, a lost sheep and look how you have heard His voice. He calls you now to come, for you to come once again and will you not come?

Sinner: Yes Sir I will but how?

Sir: Close your eyes and believe in His atoning work for you. Say to yourself that Christ has forgiving all of your sins, say to yourself that He is your righteousness. And then open the door of your heart, open it to Him for he knocks. This is how you come to him, by talking to Him and trusting in Him.

Sinner: It works Sir, It works. My guilt and shame is gone, I feel him once again and stronger than I've ever felt it before.


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