Thursday, 31 October 2013

Singleness and celibacy

A monk once said:

Singleness and celibacy are the two wings by which I must fly into heaven. They are the two shoes upon my feet. And although she is much in my heart and will to wear her as my crown, yet, this is my cross, my self sacrifice, my declaration to the lord that I love him more than I love her or could love any woman. This is so much so that I must forego her kiss, her touch, her eyes. I have tasted the fruit of love, of communion with a woman and none of it taste as grand as the gospel, as grand as fellowship with the trinity. For when I had those fruit of love and communion with a woman, there was something yet missing. But when I devoured the gospel fruit, all in me was satisfied. Therefore, I shall be at no loss if I make singleness and celibacy my portion. They are the two wings by which I must fly into heaven.


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