Saturday, 12 October 2013

The devil cannot love

The devil cannot love. The devil cannot forgive, therefore the devil is the most miserable of persons. His anger and bitterness grows from age to age. It knows no decreases, it shall never end. His fury shall rise as the smoke for all eternity. Even in chains he curses heaven. He still holds the deep resentment for humanity. He walks around like a lion on this earth to cause chaos. Never could he strife for peace. Destruction and death are his two angels, poverty and greed are his cherub, pride is the crown on his head and hatred is his black garment. The devil cannot love. His kingdom is built on enmity, everyone in his camp is abominable. He lurks in powerful places, he sleeps in the harlots house. He makes friends with hypocrites and wages war on the penitent. The devil cannot love but he lies, he steals and cheats. He is vile, base and pomp. Therefore children, beware of the devil, especially of the devil inside of you. 


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