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A short story: Can we have a chat

In general when someone says to a boy 'can we have a chat,' it usually means that there is something on their heart that they wish to pressingly talk about. Of course this could also be true for a girl. And in this case it was a girl who made the request.

Now the boy is not the one for conversation, especially conversations which have no philosophical, theological, or metaphysical air about them. Even on politics, he would only comment when it was only necessary and to show some politeness.

Now this girl who had made the request to him, he knew a little but she knew him well. For it was her leisure to contemplate him and marvel at his absent nature. She would often go where he is in order to tangle in a conversation with him, but she always started the conversation with the wrong topic. So he would leave because such chats are of no amusement to him.

We can say that the boy was very selfish in character, although he had a very good heart, because even though he had nothing in him for fish smelling conversations (for that was how he perceived them), yet he thought much but not too much about the girl in his heart because he prayed well enough for her.

Now the evening came when the boy (very unwilling) granted the girl his ears.

"Now, tell me," said the boy eager not to spend a minute more than was required, "Tell me what is on your mind that concerns me."

The girl, filled with nerves but possessing the loveliest of mixed eyes said,

"Rene, I want to know what you think of me?"

Taking a deep breath, Rene replied with these words.

"Cecile, what you ask me is not a subject I have lingered much upon, but if it is of any consolation, I do pray for you almost every night."

"That is a very good thing to do, Rene." said the girl. "I am glad that there is something of me in your heart. And apart from prayer are there any other times when I am in your heart?"

Rene paused a moment feeling more and more uncomfortable and suffering the whole meeting a burden. But for the sake of politeness he answered her question.

"Apart from prayer, and except when I see you in my immediate view, I do not linger on your person. Although I must say that you are very kind and of a good well meaning nature."

"Thank you Rene." replied the girl feeling a little dissapointed that he didn't think any more about her.

She noticed the wandering of his eyes perceiving that he wanted to leave and be alone to read his dead authours. So she asked him a question.

"Have you no question for me, dear Rene?"

Rene shook his head but she continued.

"Would you not like to ask me the question I asked you?"

This we can say is an unfortunate circumstance for Cecile. For she had fallen in love with a boy that only cares for the metaphysical discussion on love and on its ethereal properties, rather than wanting to live it in reality, especially the love of eros. Her heart had falling into his calm sea never to be aroused by his passionate waves to carry her into his harbour.

She sighed heavily placing her left elbow on the table and her palm beneath her cheek. Rene, seeing this sorry sight suddenly had a great deal of pity and empathy for her, considering it not the worst of things to engage her in conversation. He knew that she was much in love with him for he was a student of logic and had splashed his mind into psychology, so he understood all of her body language.

"Now, now," said Rene with a smile that she had never seen before, "I want to know what you think of me."

The girl's eyes blazed alight, having a fast beat about her heart, flushed internally, then regained her composure.

"Dear Rene, I think well of you. Infact I think, I think too well of you."

"O do tell me how you think well of me." inquired Rene.

"Must you make a lady empty out her heart?" She replied flirtyly.

Understanding the gesture, Rene wished no part to act in her playful behavior but signaled to her out of kindness that he was curious to know.

"O Rene," said the girl, "I do not know when it started, but all I know is that on a day that was as normal as any day, I found feelings for you in my heart. Your features became to me very agreeable, your brown eyes very charming, and your face, whenever my eyes met with them, melted away my sadness. You are the only boy that appears in my dreams and in my notebook there contains all kinds of doodling about you."

"So you have no faults with me?" asked Rene.

"I ought too, and many for that matter. But because you are very favourable to me, I will always turn a blind eye upon them."

"So that's how it is." replied Rene, then continued. "So I make you smile."

"I have never been much happier than tonight." said the girl. "Talking with you excites me greatly. I wish you would grant me this pleasure every night or at least once a week."

At this suggestion, Rene paused to think. And seeing the good passions that emanated from her face, he agreed to meet her once a week.

They did so for six months without fail. In time Rene grew very soft towards her and very favourable towards her. When he slept, her face would appear so sweetly and calmly in his dreams. And soon enough he aroused the waves of his calm sea, falling with all the admiration in the world on one knee, asking her absolutely that he wanted her to be his wife.



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