Friday, 18 October 2013

A question: Should false prophecy in the church be a significant problem?

If  prophecies made in Churches are mostly inaccurate, then how can you trust the people that are making the prophecies? Imagine if Jesus or the apostles had made a false prophecy, what would you make of them? What would the bible make of them? Is false prophecy then not a significant problem?

In the bible, A prophet is someone who speaks the word of the Lord. As one speaker puts it:

 ....A prophet is not someone who reports a hunch, or announces whatever spontaneously comes to mind. A genuine prophet doesn’t speak half-truths blended with errors and ambiguities, nor is he someone who simply delivers an opinion that he feels strongly about. A true prophet speaks a word from the Lord. An authentic prophecy has inherent authority. It’s not a “what-if.” If it’s a real prophecy and it contains a command, that command is binding. If it contains a rebuke, it’s serious. If it contains a warning, you had better heed it. And the only way Scripture gives us to test whether someone is a true prophet or not is to check whether his prophecy is accurate or not.....


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