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My Christmas Day

After all of the excitement and waiting, Christmas day finally arrived. The sun blushed its way through the pretty night and awoke from its slumber like it has done since the beginning of its creation. The morning light caressed my open eyes and little voices echoed through my half open door. Today was a festive day, a food eating, chocolate mauling, excessive drinking, movie watching, games playing, present opening, facebook wishing and not to forget Jesus thanking day for afterall it is his incarnation. It is a day to be merry to get all fairy and no time to be airy. The atmosphere breeds cheerfulness and friends are soon to arrive with laughter to enrich the occasion. A Christmas cake we have to eat, no cooking for all the food have been prepared by a caterer. Such is the melody of today’s richness, a card presented through the neighbours door, things never change whereas a facial greeting would have appealed more than a Christmas wish.

Tis Christmas day and what has gone before has not been much. I read and read and listen to sermon talks, I sleep and wake and chat on facebook more. A privilege I did have to pick my two heavenly, playful, smiling cousins from the nursery and each time greeted with a sweet light hearted hug. I did trouble in strapping little Michael to his car seat but the beautiful nursery workers to my aid they came. All things were not as cheery as it seems but my joy remains intact. I did loose my reference list for my dissertation due to computer failure which means I have it all to do again. Spiritually has been up and down though no merit I have to be proud or sad. My feeling fluctuate as the wave but my salvation is firm as His Love for me. No money so little present I could buy but more will arrive as my pocket enlarge.

Tis the day to be merry, with family and friends but I know that many are lost and dead. The cold is what they have to behold but I know some churches will be there to embrace the misery of those not so at ease and tonight my prayer will be for those in need. I reflect that the king was not born in a fanciful house but a manger with straw for a bed. He can relate where I can bare to touch, He scratches places where I could dream to reach. Many of my brothers and sisters are today in prison but yet they rejoice and today is the cause of their joy being happy to suffer for Jesus. I remember them and my prayers are for them.

The day is nearly over, the moon returns and the shade fills the land once again. I could not help but melt and hope that next Christmas I may spend it with all of my family. The following days are looking promising as the 1st of Jan will witness my departure to a Christian conference and the 3rd my arrival back to Bristol. What will my resolution be? I do know but should I proceed with declaring it as my aim for the new year. I entertain lightly the thought of following the life of St Anthony by Athanasius but lo I’m called to a different path. This year I will carry my cross further to his cross until the day of my crucifixion for I am yet still on the Calvary road. I will choose those things which are difficult for me to naturally do and embrace them with a sweet smile. To love more, hospitality, discipline and prayer will be the corridors I aim to walk further through and no more to linger on the passing pleasures of this fleeting world.

Tis Christmas day and it will soon pass but the God who became flesh will never pass. His love for me and you will endure till he ceases to exist. Christmas, Christmas, Christmas, if you take away mas only CHRIST is left.



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