Saturday, 18 December 2010

The Joy of confession 4

Sinner: Dear Sir, I am heavily convicted of my sin, I feel it deep in the breast of my chest. My dreams have been lacking lately because I could not sleep. The guilt of my sins beats me constantly leaving me no room to shut my eyes. At times I have sought comfort in the hands of inflicted pain but it does not alleviate. WOE is me Sir. What words have you for me?

Sir: Come closer to me child, come. For your situation is that of confession, confession and accountability. Tell me, do you have any close a kin to tell of your misery?

Sinner: I am an alone soul Sir. I have none, no one but my dog but he speaks not nor can he understand. I am shut up in my prison and have no friends, no one to love me back and no one to speak to. I heard of this place from another sinner and he told me of your gentle words and that you refuse no one even though they be such as have committed the unforgivable sin.

Sir: You have done well my child to come here, and because of the nature of your case I shall have you stay with me for a while. Bring your dog also for a dog alone goes mad more than a Son of Adam. I shall make a space for you and your dining shall be with me. There will be time for you to lay all your sorrows down and there will be the ONE who will knock the door of your heart, who is a more friendlier soul than I could ever be; he carries the burden of the downcast and takes their guilt. Yea, He shall take your guilt and replace it with love; the comfort of forgiveness shall come upon you and His truth shall set you free. He will knock on your heart as I tell you of how He saved you from your sins. And when He knocks, it shall be upon you to open the door for Him and He will come in and play with us and dine with us.

Sinner: What is the name of the ONE? I am now excited to meet him. You have encouraged me dearly Sir and I shall now run swiftly to bring my dog and dine with you.

Sir: His name is Jesus Christ!


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