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The Joy of confession 5

Sinner: Dear Sir, of late my mind has not been able to fend off the arrows of lust, it penetrates my chest and infects my mind with a callous disease. I am driven down avenues that I wish not to walk and my eyes behold horrid pictures on this path of destruction. I  am beside myself and the hammering nail of conscience pierces my soul if I wish to pray and lo, I am found to be numb. Those terrible passages of scriptures appear like an image upon my eye and I have no where to hide. I wish to flee this misery of iniquity but I find that my flesh is not willing. Oh I cry to sleep and less I have been of myself for I have no countenance or style.

Sir: My dear Son. It seems that you have met the demon of false satisfaction. Tell me, did you find her by the wayside? Did she call out to you? Her speech is smoother than oil and her lips drips honey. Was she dressed like a prostitute and with crafty intent? She is unruly and defiant, her feet never stay at home. She lurks at every corner. She beholds the heart of men, she grips them and kisses them, then she whispers in their ears, ‘Today I will satisfy you; I saw you and made sure you found me. Come, for my bed is covered with linens, sprayed with perfume. I have wine for us to drink, lets drink till the morning, lets enjoy ourselves with love! My husband is not at home, he has gone on a long journey. And I see in your eyes a thirst and I can satisfy you’.

Sinner: That is her sir! With persuasive words she led me astray, she seduced me with her smooth talk.

Sir: Yes, that is her ways,  she leads her victims like an ox to the slaughter, like a bird darting into a snare. But in the end she is as bitter as gall, her feet go down to death. Many are the victims that she has brought down, many are the fools that have dwelt at her fountain, they drank and drank till their feet could run no more. They saw the gates of hell opened upon them but their feet were waxed to her house. There was no more an antidote to her poison and the pleasure of her gaze cost them their lives.

Sinner: I my such in a terrible state sir? My case is worsened; oh I do not want an eternity in the company of Hades. I am a ruined man, is there once again a path to the narrow way?

Sir: Many men have fallen prey to her charm, even that famous King but be of good cheer for you are under grace.

Sinner: What do mean Sir, that I should be of good cheer?

Sir: Have you forgotten that the One who rose from the dead has nullified her power over you, He has cut her chord and it is merely a string which binds you now of which you can easily cut by the Word He has spoken from His mouth. The saints of God have no appetite for her that is why when they are found in her company they cannot enjoy her like the heathens. You have victory over her and this is the season of Grace. She is more beautiful and her ways are righteous; she beholds the saints on the narrow path and adorns them with the oil of gladness and freshens them with the perfume of joy. God may hold upon you a discipline for your wayward path but it is a smiling face behind it. He loves you and wishes you to depart from her presence and to come and drink from His water; to come and dwell in the presence of grace. It is free and peace it will give to your soul. I know of your difficulty to pray so I bid you now to say the Lord’s prayer with me.

They said the Lord’s prayer together and the man left rejoicing knowing now that true satisfaction is only to be found in Jesus Christ, in the fountain of God.



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