Friday, 10 December 2010

Praying on the cold street of Clifton

On Wednesday afternoon, a couple of ordinary Jesus lovers took to the cold streets of Clifton to pray for those who are walking by to share with them the Love of God and also perhaps an opportunity to share with them the delightful news of Christmas.

Praying on the streets is fun, I find it rather exciting but at the same time, my disposition is naturally to present people with the gospel, to tell them about the marvellous message of reconciliation and challenge them to seriously consider the God-man Jesus Christ. But I found that offering to pray for people is indeed another way to share God's love and to also demonstrate the power of God. Prayer is indeed powerful and God is able to bless non-Christians through our intercessions for them and God can use such an opportunity to bring his lost sons and daughters back to him.

Although the afternoon was cold, the faithful saints were determined not to be deterred so we began our mission in prayer. It was pure delight to my soul to witness passionate cries to the Lord from the mouth of ordinary believers. They sought for a revelation from the Lord, that is, that God should reveal signs to those whom He would like us to pray for. And God did not disappoint but through His Spirit encouraged us, and made us ready to face the cold hardened street of safe Clifton.

We stepped out in faith and the passers began to walk by; some were filled with curiosity and some had the face of 'dont approach me' expression which was beaming from their eyes. Some kindly rejected and some stopped to receive prayer. In my mind I knew of the Soveringty of God and knew His will this afternoon will be done. All the prayers we offered to his sweet ears, I know by faith that He heard us and He may reply with positive answers to them all or He may delay according to the goodness of His merciful heart.

My heart's prayer is a revival, a revival among our generation of which I see some of the seeds off; and evangelism (if we can call it that) is not restricted to prayer on the streets but we live and speak for Jesus with our whole life. Love is at the forefront of our affections and through more ordinary saints, dreaming dreams and visions for Christ and His kingdom, then I believe with all sincerity of heart that an awakening like it was in Whitfield and Wesley's day will come about because where the Spirit of God is even a materialistic sensual culture is forced to take a bow.


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