Friday, 3 December 2010

The Joy of confession 2

Sinner: Good Sir, it seems that my heart is in a sorrow state, a most miserable creature I have become because of unrequited love.

Good Sir: Speak my Son, such as befall many young men as you. Let me your story and thereafter I shall direct your heart to the one whose love never fails.

Sinner: It seems Sir, that one of the dissapointments of live is the pain of unrequited love- of imposible love, of dying love; it is best to be put away, to quecnh immediately for it only makes the wounds of love more painful and such is my case. I had felt an affination towards her but the dregs of jealousy flowed unwarranted through me as I saw her behold him. It became clear to me that now there was nothing between us than mere friendship. What i my to do now - my sorrow will bear me no comfort, I cannot despise her so I plea to time to heal away my aches. I can but do one thing, to accept her happiness and rejoice in it although i wished that her happiness had been found in me.

Good Sir: Many boys have walked your shoes therefore feel not abandoned by the misery of your soul. Indeed unrequited love is best to be put away and one ought not to neglect it in a dark corner but it is best dealt with by loving another person whose Love one is sure will be reciprocal. There is a person as such that all who have ever loved him, He has loved them a hundred fold more. Where many flooded to Him with the rags of their love, he flooded them with silk and fine linen. Such was his love for them that to all who have loved him, he has loved them all back showering them with kisses of delight and given to each the best gift a God could offer. Such was His love towards his lovers that all of them merrily declared His name even at their own peril. His lovers have suffered under the worst of hell and yet there eyes are still fixated on the first kiss He showered on them. It was strangely warm and all who have felt such a kiss tell the story with passion and inexpressible Joy. 

You must be wandering who is this Lover and how can I behold him and He is a man and surely the women are the winners. But I am a man and I must find a lady as such. Do not be hasty young fellow, for the Person I speak to you of is the man Christ Jesus. The second person of the blessed trinity who has died for your sins if you will believe today. He has gone into His Father's palace to prepare a place, yea. a beautiful place for you if only today you would become one of His lovers. His heart cries for you and if you would this day accept Him as your Lord and Saviour, He will be forever thy comfort and your eternal lover. And also, He has prepared a feast for his lovers, a wedding feast and you are invited, will you join Him today and feel the warmth of his breath upon your soul. His Love never fail and this sorrow you feel now will be shadowed by the loveliness of His sweetness. Oh I could roll my tongues for days and not fail to speak of Him for I too have been kissed by Him. I have felt the kiss of a woman but it compares not to the delicacy of His affections and behold how now I am free and not burdened by so much a matter as unrequited Love for His love for me will never be extinguished.

I bid you, my fellow creature, enter into his love!

Sinner: Oh it is to my joy that such a Man lives and I tarry not, as you spoke, my heart felt strangely warm and my spirit earnestly desired this heavenly man. I am ready dear Sir, must I take of the blessed sacrament to be ushered into His Love, or must I sell all that I have, or must I be a monk or a priest, must I go there or here.

Good Sir: He will reveal your mission to you soon enough but none of those things are necessary. He only ask of you to Love Him, to believe in your heart with the certainty of faith that He Loves you, that He died for you and rose again. Believe in His name and you shall be His.

Sinner: I believe Sir, I believe


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