Tuesday, 14 December 2010

A Resolution- depart from the path of the hypocrite

Here is a public cry of a sincere resolution of which I aim to adhere to. For my soul has been unease by the dissolution of many a confession to Christ and his Kingdom. I find those principles of Romans 2 at work, that many who perhaps may denounce sin in the public and proclaim to love righteousness are found in the secret of their isolation with those very principles in which their public face denounce. It is an outcry, a silencing of the Holy Spirit in the church for He sees the hypocrisy of many a foul soul and in the eyes of men, they aim to appeal to Him to demonstrate His power but He shows not because they are not willing to repent. Their hearts are as hardened as stone, their mouths sing of the praises of the LORD but their minds are far from him. These are the way of true hypocrites and some who walk in this path are not to much aware of it for their hearts have become dull to sin. It is a terrible principle and the name of the LORD is blasphemed because of it and my heart ruptures when I see this horrific principles in me. It is a sad thing when the people of God, called to be holy and blameless are not giving to their service in great earnestness and delight but instead are comfortable to sit in the seats of the hypocrites. We have a way to follow and a path to choose, there is a pilgrim journey and the road is narrow. Will you adhere to the call of holiness and truly repent of your sins taking delight in the things of God or will you continue with those weak principles and march according to the dictates of your heart.

I with a solemn declaration will aim with all of my soul and heart to depart from the ways of the hypocrites and truly be filled with an unwavering passion for Christ and his kingdom. If there are those hellish principles in me, I lay them all down and follow this day the way of righteousness. I am constantly prone to trials from the devil, a constant thorn in my flesh but in Christ I have the victory. My sins are of yesterday, nailed to the cross forgiven and cleanse and today as it is eternal I stand righteous and blameless, Holy and beautiful in the sight of my God. My resolution is to live in such a manner worthy of the gospel, to walk according to my nature and my calling. Amen


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  1. Amen to that Ken bro. I think the hypocrisy begins with the strict rules & timings of worship. strict & necessary rules of fasting. I have seen many people around me who offer 5 times prayer & pretend to fast & afraid of each other not telling them that they arent fasting. If you look into the hearts of such people they claim to please God by opressing & killing people. Here is no freedom of speech & etc. But at this i would like to say that excess of freedom is so very dangerous. Looking around how Christians are living makes me so disappointed. They damn care about religious rules infact they are not knowing the very principles or basics of Christianity. Because of such people the name of the Lord is defamed & the spread of Gospel is restricted. Many verse of the Bible are considered by Christians as part of culture & they thus put no heed to these. Every 1 of us should make a resolution each day to act acc to Bible's teachings. God bless you brother.


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