Saturday, 4 December 2010


The word frustrated could be defined as feeling exasperated, discouraged or unsatisfied. Unsatisfied could then be termed as not adequate, acceptable or satisfying. This may well be the current stage of your Christianity, you are frustrated and unsatisfied; you feel that the way in which you are living is not acceptable and you want more.

If these frustrations are birthed in you, it is wise for one to reflect on one’s own life and truly search their motives of why they trust Jesus and then to consider the good news of the Gospel.

Upon your reflection, you may conclude that one of the reason why you lead a frustrated Christian life is because of sin. In your heart dwells a corruption which you know must go but you find yourself unable to alleviate. This sin gives you a sense of joy, a false depiction of life and the Spirit inside of you pleads with you that this sin must go; scripture speaks clearly about it and your own conscience bears tremendous witness. Because of this sin you are left frustrated, you are left unsatisfied and this ought not to surprise you because God has called us to holiness and our bodies is His temple, it is His dwelling place.

Perhaps the sin that befalls you have left you much frustrated and has crippled your ambitions for Christ, it has left a mark of doubt in your ever failing faith. There is much that you want to do, more that you want to give but you feel a powerlessness inside of you that speaks of your failures and you are left with mere desire but no actions. Your walk with Christ is frustrated by mere trifles, by sin and although you should be walking in the light you find yourself in the darkness. At worst you cannot bring yourself to pray, you speak words of orthodoxy but you know of the secrets of your sins. You are indeed very miserable and unsatisfied, you long for freedom.

If this is your case, if this is your story, if this is your trial; I want you to take fresh courage, to relax your mind and contemplate upon Jesus Christ. He chose you when you was far away from Him and if he loved you then, how much more does He love you now? Has he not imparted to you his Spirit? so you can be rest assured that your eternity is secured and your dwelling place is with His father. Comfort yourself with His promises and believe it because unbelief is a worser sin.

Then you may wish to be a confessing soul, to not hide your sins to yourself but to seek comfort in the church.  Tell someone of your misery, tell a brother or a sister whom you trust and you will soon see how your frustration will soon flee from you and you will find your self dreaming dreams for Christ again.

Not every frustration is negative and in fact the Christian ought to feel at times frustrated that the Kingdom of God has not fully come. When one beholds the poor and the oppressed, the sick and the downcast, at times I wish that I had to such degree the fullness of the Spirit that Jesus had (although the fullness of the Spirit is also in me), so that I may heal all who comes my way and bring the kingdom of God into people’s lives. Of course the kingdom of God is manifested in different ways, and that most perfectly when the will of God is done in earth as it is in heaven. So I am often left frustrated and this frustration produces a positive fruit in me which is that of prayer and earnest compassion.

Blessed be the God and the Father of our Lord Jesus. If we are frustrated, I pray it may be for the positive and if you are frustrated negatively, remember Jesus Christ, that there is power in His blood and that He has come to set us free from the power of sin and death and He has given us freedom in the Spirit.


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