Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The past two weeks

Like Jonathan Edwards (the 18th century theologian) I believe that God is in control of all history and that He shapes it and guides it accordingly as He wills. God is sovereign in all things and history is determinative not on the autonomous actions of men but on the sovereign decree of God from eternity past. Men are dependant on their creator and those who are in rebellion against Him are missing out on the supreme joy of enjoying God now and forever. It is my aim and goal to enjoy God by glorifying His name in all that I do but I often fall short and the past two weeks were no exceptions.

I went to two weekend aways, one with the Christian Union and the other with Woodlands Church. The spiritual vitamin I received from both were truly marvellous. I was fed the word of God and enjoyed the sweetness of fellowship. My heart rejoiced in seeing the establishment of people in the community and the openess of individuals to welcome others into their close circle of friendship. The gospel of Christ is truly remarkable, breaking down social boundaries and including all into its fold in the unity that is Christ Jesus.

On the Woodlands weekend away, the boys enjoyed a playful atmosphere on the table tennis as each played in a competitive spirit to assert their surpassing greatness, or it might just have been me who played in such a way. I boasted but only jokingly that the other guys had attended Ken's school of table tennis. They laughed and we played on. Other games were also enjoyed and due to my injury i was unable to attend the walk in which so many seemed to have enjoyed but I loved the conversation I had with the individuals who stayed with me.

The UWECU weekend away was a delicious meal, the atmosphere raining with godliness and the people marked with enthusiastic zeal for one another toppled with the delicate speech of the speaker which spoke directly to our hearts. I loved it and I was able to be well acquainted with certain individuals to whom our conversations before were mere introductions. The grace of God was upon us and perhaps if time permit, I will detail the talks of the weekend away.

Last week was a spiritual high for me, as each moment was filled with prayers to my Beloved Bridegroom, I was on my knees and early I would rise to declare the praises of His name but this week is not so although I greatly desire it and my heart faints for it but reflections upon the corruptions of my sweet soul plays the restriction that I am not good enough. Although this is a lie from the devil for I know that the gospel covers me, I must learn to walk consistently in Holiness and permit no time for the devil or give him any opportunity. I must be quick to repent and quick to declare the praises of my heavenly Father.

The Christian union, with great success although success is measured here by numbers, put on an event on Glenside campus called 'curry night'. The place was packed and filled with Christians and non-Christians. Although the food was not particularly good, for it was ordinary, the conversations were sweet and the talk, watering enough to spark an earnest curiosity to look into the life of Jesus.

I am currently injured and unable to play football for a while. I am indeed sad but its not my life for Christ is but I would love to play football very soon and I believe that now, it would have to be after Christmas.

My dissertation is picking up and a mountain of reading awaits me, although I am excited about it and I aim to please my supervisor in the sense that I want him to enjoy the works of my hand and thus my effort will be doubled.

'I pray for you all and for me, that we may continue in the path of Holiness, loving his presence, Loving His church, Loving His world, Loving His glory and persevering in the faith and having a zeal for the Lost to come and know the sweetness of His face and the joy of His heart for His Sons and Daughters'.


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