Saturday, 2 July 2011

Miscellanies 9 - To see your face and die

My heart is ever pressing on to know of that infinite satisfaction of Yahweh. To taste in full all of the impressions and dimensions of the love which abounds in unequal measure in the Godhead. I am prone to wonder, to dream daily of that day when the incorruptible will swallow up the corruptible. When this feeble flesh will be utterly resilient to all the temptation of the devil and hell. I long as a father for his lost son to be found in the drowning sea of Yahweh's Love. Here I am unsatisfied because I see but dimly. Yahweh, a masterful arouser knows the perfect means to awake my soul, to leave me with the dew of the morning and make me strive for the evening rain. Better it is oh infinitely better it is for me to spend a day in His presence than for me to enjoy all of the pleasing pleasures of this earth for all eternity. My heart is entirely abandoned to your face, let me see it and gladly will I die, yes to see your face and die - to see your face and die.


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