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The Past Month

Its been a long time since I’ve given a summary of what’s been happening in this life of mine. Well, there’s many things I could write but this will be very brief and only highlight the major events and not bore you with tiny details.

I’m back in London well Kent in Greenhithe and life seems very peaceful although rather linear at times but there’s been a few disruption to the same old activities. You may wonder what the same old activities are. Well let me tell you. My day normally consist of sleeping late and waking early and probably in between have a nap. Whilst awake I am found to be on my Laptop doing a range of activities generally carried and dictated according to how I feel. If my soul is at peace then I am generally with a wonderful heavenly disposition seeking my beloved and always thinking of Him but if I feel melancholy due to the corruptness of my flesh then I am a distant figure until he comes to restore me with the gentle kisses of grace. This past month has been a mixture of both knowing the root cause of my misery and the foundation of my Joy.

I left Bristol in rather a joyish mood, in the excitement of coming back home and perhaps to never live in Bristol again. That made me sad because of those souls I have made residence in my heart and have created a space for me in their joy. Them I would miss and with some having regrets that I was never to the full with them. I arrived home and all was exceedingly jovial as I glimpse once again the sight of my blessed family.

The following week I was found at my old secondary school for a reunion and how glad and merry the occasion was. I saw fellow friends and teachers whose face I had missed for four long years and brief was our encounter.  To some the conversation was long and to others it was mere formalities. 

That same day I chilled with some of my old boys, friends whom I see regularly that I love as deep as space itself and would soon give my life for them. We saw transformers, a very action packed films with cool cars that transforms into this mega super fighting robots but with a life of their own. I loved transformers since I was little and remembered having a discussion about whether they would ever make a movie. I was not disappointed.

The same week, a friend from Romania arrived, well she became a friend. She stayed at the house for a week and on the Wednesday had the pleasure to take her to see London with my cousin and to finish of the day we dined at Nandos. It was her first time and she loved it. After her departure her mother revealed something to me which made me blush and now my prayers are for her to prosper in all that she does.

The following days saw a series of takeaways and dining out. And this passing weekend we took a trip to Brighton. We had a lovely time and the Friday night me and my cousin explored the night life. It was alive but dead. We chilled at a club but it was not the place for my soul. I had no business there - the music were mainly ungodly, the girls and boys were mainly seeking one thing but some of the beats brought back old memories. Sunday we departed and arrived in the comforts of our home.

That same evening I checked in at my local church to see if there was an evening service but I was disappointed. I need to find a church one that is local.

My soul has been a constant mixture of Joy of highest degree and sadness of low degrees and rarely found to be high although at times may appear a little melancholy. I sit and contemplate my future and see only one direct path ahead of me. Many saints have walked this road and I pray that I like Adoniram Judson  may die so hard. 



  1. Firstly I am not sure I can trust the guy in the top photo, looks dangerous!! lol

    Secondly if your in Bristol give me a shout if you fancy some food, although warning would be good. We have a Church fellowship lunch on Sunday 24th July if you fancy joining us for a day thats of course if your in Bristol?

    Apart from that its good to see your busy(ish) its never worth becoming bored, the devil makes work for idle hands(I think thats the saying).

    Hope your find a job mate, I havent secured any work next year which is daunting.

    Yours in Christ

    Isaac Bamfield

  2. I don't think I can trust him either. Great to hear from you my friend. Your comment made me laugh. I've missed you and sad that I won't be able to make the lunch =(. I hope to see you soon.

  3. No worries buddy, hope London is going well for you.

    I did not realise you had such a comprehensive blog, over 200 entries, I havent anything like this.

    Have a good weekend!


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