Forgive me for my life of Sin

Lord Jesus Please, forgive me for my life of sin
For ten years I’ve been running like a thief
Committed felony, against the law of God
Ever since I’ve been living this life of wrong.
Screaming Westside as a little kid
I sold my soul to the fiends for the highest bid.
Living a life of pleasure, getting with chicks past midnight
Drinking and slanging until I pass out.
The drugs were just the antidote 
To kill my conscience escape reality of my guilty life.
Somebody save me was my secret cry
But with my boys I put my shades on so they can’t see my desperate eyes.
Its all wrong my mama once told me
This lifestyle she really tried to save me*.
This is the fate of a ghetto kid, I could have changed
But I march to the beat of the streets.
I maintain this passion for so many years 
Until I heard a voice come calling.
Couldn’t resist, it was irresistible
I guess I saw the white light
Brought me on my knees
As I screamed 
Lord Jesus Please, forgive me for my life of Sin. 

* or raise me right



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