Sunday, 3 July 2011

A Prayer for my soul - Fill this place

Fill this place Lord with your Power, Spirit and Love.
Fill it with the fullness of your presence that we may encounter you in a new way
Or that old way where the weight of your glory overwhelms us.
Fill this place Oh Lord for the sake of your name.
Should not the nations declare the glory of your name?
Should not the people bow before the Sovereign King?
Should you not be jealous for your glory?
Oh God our heavenly Father,
Oh Christ our heavenly Saviour,
Oh Spirit our heavenly Comforter
Come and dwell upon us
Increase your dwelling in us that we may be full of power, full of love and full of your presence
That we may do the mighty works that our Lord did while he walked this earth.

We are thirsty, We are hungry, We are not satisfied until you come.
So we will persevere, we will endure the barren times
For we know a storm is coming when He will drench us with His Spirit
And the Sons of God will appear with Power.
Then it shall be fulfilled 'The whole earth is full of His glory'.


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