Thursday, 21 July 2011

The Real me

Over the last month or so I have been recollecting about how much people have had negative comments and actions because I believe in Jesus dying for us. It is truly astounding to hear the sheer amount of  people who seem nice to me but want to say bad things about me? Interesting. . .

People are always going to have a problem that no matter what you do or say. It's even more eye opening to see how controversial Jesus was in the day 2000 years ago as well as today. Sometimes many can directly give you stick about following Jesus, others simply act fake and do it behind your back. Either way its a problem they hold. But they never had these things to say before? So now it means the problem is with Jesus? The very person who loved us all so much that he got beaten almost to death and nailed to a cross taking our sin? Even more so interesting! Either talk to God or to a Christian about it if there is a problem. No hostility should be handed out your way. How will you ever know more if you don't ask about it?

The point I' am writing about today is again identity issues, but more particularly what is the REAL me? Well lets start and see if I had to always act the same Rory to every kind of person. The answer seemingly is NO. Before I came to Jesus, I had to act so many different Rory's. Honestly I do not know how I kept up with my multiple personality disorder! And don't sit there reading this denying you ever feel like you do this. . . because EVERYBODY does!

Yes what you are reading is true. With my parents I could not use the language, talk about the stuff I did to say as I would my best mates. My teachers at school, I had to act completely different! It was literally like an acting career! To little children, I couldn't use foul language and do certain actions in which would effect them to maybe replicate in the near future. All of these different "beings," to please every person I could have encountered. Why couldn't I just be FREE by doing, saying, and feeling whatever I could. One problem. . . you can't simply do that 100% of the time. Furthermore, you hold different conversations to a 9 year old than to a 55 year old. It's simple. One cannot hold a conversation about topics that are simply out of their knowledge or understanding. But the real issue here is that it can be heavily reduced!

Who ever knew the REAL Rory? The answer is nobody! Not even my self knew because it changed so much.

Now that I have an extremely steady and stable being as a Christian. It is fabulous to literally no longer have to shift so frequently and rapidly to different temperaments. Your conscience isn't driving you wild reminding you to keep up to say and not to say certain thing, as well as do certain things. Christianity allows you to realise you are not perfect and the reason why we all have to shift "beings/state of minds," to please others. When the truth is that Jesus shows you He is the ONLY perfect person, so to be a CHRISTian makes you shadow His perfection and awesomeness. Over time He makes this evident in your life to others around you :)

Once a person receives Jesus in their heart and accepts that He died on a cross for their sins they don't have to keep trying to please the world. They don't have to keep switching who they are. They simply go back to their original identity, which is with Jesus. Frankly, one will mess up everyday and that's the beauty of faith. . . chasing God more and more. Christians aren't perfect, people think they're perfect but we are not until we die. But in Jesus' eye we are perfect because we are in His image and likeness again for accepting that truth already :)

The more people refuse, slate, bash, hate, turn from Jesus the same they shall be. Continual switching of how to be, continual change of how to talk. Doesn't that seem like nonsense? To be on edge the time hoping to not put to put a foot or two wrong? To have approval of the world, when we are not entirely sure whom possesses the best approval? Why not try Christ? Who gives you a free identity.

And that people is the REAL me! It could be the REAL you too! Trust me, I've tried being too many Rory's and it just don't cut it.

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Article by Rory Green - visit his blog 

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