I told my People

No one knows of my misery
I feel the pain every night before I go to sleep
I can imagine all my enemies
Plotting my demise while my best friends trying to take me down.
Do you see my life, I’m in constant danger
Can’t walk a mile without someone screaming go and die.
It happened quickly, transfixed by a vision
Caught guilty with no hope for a plea.
What I my to do, so I kept running for many days
Everywhere I go I see the same man starring at my face.
We all alone I knew my guilt confessed screaming
I’m the man who did the wrongs if I could I would take em all back but please free me.
No more denials, walk up the aisle
Told my people but they all laughed
I repeated, then some began to shout.
Screaming for my life, I look to my mama but she turned her eyes.
Is this the life of the born again
Lord Jesus please come and release this pleasing pain.



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