Thursday, 28 July 2011

Rene and Poet 10

On a spring day, Rene and Poet sat beneath an oak tree; protected from the fuming rays of the sun began to speak of a tranquil subject which delighted Poets soul.

Rene: My darling friend, do not be unaware of the real power of love which I have for you. It is a formidable force, an unbreakable defence that even the Titans cannot rent a tear.

Poet: I am not unaware my sweet friend. The past year have made me a friend to it. The depths of love deepens in regards to its object and while I maintain that God is the highest being whose love sees no end, yet I know something of its nature because of my love for her.

Rene: Oh heart of my own heart; do not loose ground on this remarkable love and yet do not delay the proposal of your bill lest the ground be occupied by another.

Poet: I will not tarry my dear, I will be swift and gentle. And whatever she may choose, she is at perfect liberty to vote as she sees fit. 

She intrudes into my daily thoughts and conversations. At times I feel I stand and live in her world. Oh this pleasing pain, this terrible and awesome affliction that Adam must have felt for Eve after she successfully tempted him. Yet she is no Eve. She is of a more noble and righteous disposition for she learnt wisely from Eve's mistake and her years have been spent in the house of righteousness. No serpent may oblige or charm her. Oh what grace and purity manifested.

Rene: Brother, your words are ever so lofty.

Rene smiled gracefully and Poet laid his head on Rene's chest listening to nature's pacing beat.


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