Tuesday, 12 July 2011

When Winter comes

The dewy lawn the starless sky
Laid I with the grief my senses still supply .
When her sight is hushed 
I am found to feel the touch that memory provides.

“Cry not friend, winter is yet to come”.
But I see winter running with an athlete’s speed.
The long summer is done, her cheerfulness is gone.
“Save thy tears then my fellow friend”.

What wealth the summer to me has brought
Her gentle kiss and dancing breeze
Made the air sing with bliss
A common pleasure she was to all.

When winter comes the darkness will fall
“Hurry in! all enter the Inn!”
But I am a Summer’s tree 
“Winter will kill the summer if they meet”.

The dewy lawn the starless sky
Laid I with the joy my senses still supply
For Her sight is gone...... 
I am left with the warmth her memory provides.


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