Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Miscellanies 88: Pursue and pursue

O it seems that in one moment as only God could do, that he filled my heart with a love for himself. Yea, with that evangelical Love I had for him. He filled me mightily as to now I find it swelling up in me to declare his name to sinners near and wide. It is God alone, yea indeed, absolutely alone that melts the hardened heart. And he uses instruments, yea means such as men and women to be a blessing to others. So in your struggles to win souls, never cease to wield your weapon of love. Never cease to release (that is to let it go)  your heart of devotedness to a person even if they appear uncaring of your passion. Nay, never cease your kindness, for it is often the persistent labour of kindness that thaws the icy heart. It was divine love that won sinners to draw near to the throne of God to fall in admiration of the Christ. Pursue and pursue until death takes you home. If it becomes an uncomfortable thing then pray and pray until death takes you home.


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