Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Content to know that I am of no beauty

I am content to know that I am of no beauty, of no prize to any soul living. i am content because my security lies in no such changing things. My entire hope and security is this, namely that I am loved by God, the Son of God and the Holy Spirit. SHould the whole world hate me and count me a vile thing, I would not so much be heart broken as to find out that God hates me. If that ever was so, that I was found now to be unloved by God, Then I shall eagerly come before the courts of heaven and plead to be out of existence, for only this I cannot deal with, namely that God should forsake me. 

His love is that love that is better than wine, it outshines all other love. It is love that remedies me from all of my despairs and misery. it is this love which reaches me where no other loves could. it is that love which cancels all of my sins and bestows me with an unfailing righteousness. O I calm that I am of no beauty, no nothing, but I am exceedingly glad in this, that God loves me. O count this not a crutch, you who believe not in God, count this not a means to support a weakness as if to pity me. Nay, indeed I am weak and very much so, but it is true, and if it is true then it is real as much as a real thing could be.


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