Monday, 9 September 2013

Loving me without a hope

Marriage is not on my list - 
 Rolling with the misfits, 
sitting down like a group of friends,
 I got time for you, whats in your heart, 
        let me know what makes you smile. 
I've been hurt before, 
careful not to let my feelings show, 
under the blue skies, her lips were made of stone, 
                          I fell in love and she cut the ropes, 

When I was one and twenty, my papa said to me, 
you can give away your money and your time 
but don't ever give your heart away, 
         so I wrote rhymes poetry just for her 
 but she closed her eyes, 

Now I really want to go back to the time when I didn't care if I saw her spoke to her.

I know how you feel, 
you say you liking me, 
when you sleep, you say you dream of me, 
think of me, want to marry me, 
where I go you wanna go,
     but you loving me without a hope, 
    without a prayer because my heart got a sweet pain, 
a deep stain from her coldness,

 I walk alone, 
let me rest because thinking of her wearies me, 
   just bury me not like romeo,
 she was a thief that came to my life, 
she stole my heart, 
you can't have it because it ain't with me, 

do you know why there's colours in the world? 
genie in a bottle?
 stars in the sky?
 why she came to my life like a knife? stabbed my heart, 
now I'm struggling to breathe,
 call it murder and she did it really tender, 
an offender, broken-hearted now, 
give her twenty years in jail with no bail, 
but I'm past the rage of seeking vengeance. 

 she don't really care if I smile or laugh, 
don't really wanna know how fair she is, because her looks so good, 
my bread and butter, but she took it out of my mouth, 
you wanna step in her shoes but you can't do it, 
because you don't have the same eyes, 
the same smile, 
I won't listen to reason, 
whatever you say won't win me, 
Because to me 
you are just a lover girl in love with a boy 
that is addicted to the hope that she is coming back. 

It seems too much like fate indeed
Me escaping you she escaping me
We parted like the day and the night
Now I'm tracing my memories in sad melodies
see your love really makes me smile
I wish I could love you back, come to you in your dreams
Just move on, forget about me,
better know home is the place where the heart is
 better know home is the place where someone is thinking about you.


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