Friday, 13 September 2013

A dress yet to be worn

I have many a times in my heart married you over and over. The scene is always the same, perfect. We marry under the grand blue sky and ride deep into the lovely horizon living our lives without worry of separation, nor care about the years ahead. Your eyes remain the same, your smile for me never changed; everything about you matures into completion. I awake each morning blessed and in praise of thee, that you, being an angel would favour me. Everything about us is lovely. The butterflies still remains when you draw near as a prince walking towards her princess. My heart pounds and tears of joy floods my eyes. If ever a girl was in love then it is I, and if ever a girl found happiness in the eyes of a man, then it is I. For in as much as I loved you, you loved me. And everyday you never fail to show me in one way or another how many ways you love me. Such pleasure reigns in my heart when I think of thee, when what could be adorns all of my thinking thought. But it is only a dream, a dress yet to be worn. But a girl can dream of fairy tales, for fairy tales have their strings attached to some ideal anchor in the real world.


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