Tuesday, 24 September 2013

How as the waters of the world been sweet to you?

There are for some it can be said, that in their youth, that is in the beginning of their salvation, or when they first encountered Christ, they had an unwavering devotion, they loved Christ as their husband, and followed him through the wilderness. But now after many time has passed, they have lost the vigor of their passion, they have settled for the norms of society and no longer live first for the kingdom of Christ. Alas, what has happened to them?

They have gone after worthlessness and thus have become worthless. What made you stray from the sweet narrow path? What wrong did you find in Christ that you went far from him?

How as the waters of the world been sweet to you? Has it satisfied the cravings of your flesh? Are you nourished from its food?

O I do pity you. But in all my pity I have heaven's love for you. Come back and see the delight of a waiting Father. Feel the joy of a searching Saviour for a lost sheep. His gospel beckons you.

Come now from your wanderings. You know it is no good for your soul. Come home and eat.


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