Sunday, 1 September 2013

A short story: Conquistar - chapter 3

The evening was impenetrably dark. The natural light had gone from the world and escaped into the street lights of the city, meanwhile the woods and the farmyards rested blissfully at the knowledge of the radical silence. Only one atmosphere in this rural dwelling possessed the chatter that displayed everything that was distinct about the human race, namely the consciousness of knowing that one has a soul, whether for living, dying or for pleasure. Simi's soul was for pleasure and the girl who entertained him this evening knew no better. She had believed as Simi gently persuaded her too hope, that he was all for her.

“Tell me again my sweet bright candle-light what you would have me be for you?” asked Simi touching the cheek of the brown haired beauty that was lost in his lies. "You know you really are better than the summer seasons, and to me your lips are like the wild strawberries found in Charles V royal garden.

Nearing to speak to declare again what Simi already knew, she kissed his lips gently, then he caressed her left ear whispering tenderly to her that:

 “I'll be everything you hope and more.”

After ten minutes of kissing, Simi gently persuaded his entertainment that he wanted more without words. She understood his soothing subtlety and like all proper girls, she willed to resist his touch as to notify him that she wasn't the sort that one could buy and trade so cheaply in the market.

Understanding her manners, Simi looked deep into her French pearly eyes as to show his total devotion to her, and at this she consented for Simi to do with her as he pleased.

Without displaying the smallest care for her loving submission, Simi would have his way with her as one does with a takeaway meal, namely without love and thankfulness for the cooks who prepared it.

“I am here to stay,” whispered Simi in a soft hush tone and then began to pet her neck. She closed her eyes to enjoy the novelty of this sensation and was now entirely eclipsed in his world. Simi had made her into his puppet without strings, he had won her heart and in this victory won her trust. Pursuing to go further as to fulfill the desires of his heart, there was a gentle knock on the door as to put Simi's heart on high alert for he had no memory of inviting anyone else this evening. He slowly released the girl from his embrace and rapidly thought in his head:

“Who could this be? Sonia is away and I have told her never to come here without an invitation otherwise she would remain outside; and brother has the keys and Samantha knows nothing of this place. I am seeing her tomorrow. Who could it be?”

Rising to his feet with a curious wonder, he went to open the door, for his entertainment had gestured to him with her eyes that it would be awfully unkind of him not to answer. Unlocking the handle bar with his right arm, he moderately opened the door to see who this unwanted visitor is.

“Brother,” sounded the familiar voice, now cementing his body unto his brother's red evening gown.

“Brother,” replied Simi in perplexity. “What are you doing here at such a time without your key?”

“Will you keep me outside,” smiled Diango, gently forcing himself into the family cottage.

Noticing the ambiance of the place, Diango caught eyes with the brown-haired beauty that sat ashamedly on the velvet couch.

“Abelia,” Diango curiously trumpeted with a delightful surprise that made him lock eyes with his younger sibling.


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