A prayer for my soul

I must pray my lord to heal my soul, my life no longer my own, long my heart as sigh for thee, save me now save me now. I come just as I am, broken and much conflicts within. I doubt and doubt with many a grief, O please help my unbelief. I have drifted far from your shores, into the sea of worldliness, now I drown and sink   in waters where faith should make me stand. Here I am without one plea, without a goodness I can give, I am content if thou would have it be, that I should eat the children's crumb. A child is surely better than a slave, and a slave better than one without a home, I am content to be just inside thy gates, Just say the words and I shall be clean. I do pray my lord to heal my soul, for your merciful fame spreads yonder on, that even clouds declare thy grace, that every penitent sinner in thee can find a home.



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