Wednesday, 11 September 2013

I remember her with all the nice smells contained in the world

I remember her with all the nice smells contained in the world. Whenever the lightness of her memory slips into my little sickly heart, I cannot help but smile and think of those happy hours when we talked and drank and she laid on me the cares of all her heart. I listened as best as any man could, but never was I sufficient to leave her with wisdom. Nay, such a task was to great for me for she was such a woman of the very best kind. Her eyes always pure as I saw them, and golden as the fading sun. She was a friend among friends, a delight among pleasures. But I think not of her so often, for I know I shall remember that day, yea, that ill day not fit for any man to meet, where our departure would be forever and certain things could not be. I wished her farewell but only in my mind, for the opportunity was never at hand to say goodbye. We shall meet again when night shall never engulf the day.


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