Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Are you expecting God to follow you

Are you following God or are you expecting God to follow you?

This is a soul searching question. Examine yourself this moment and ask, Am I following Jesus or am I expecting him to follow me?

That is am I bending to his will or do I just want him to bend to my will.

I know that at times in my walk with the Lord, when I pray that I am so moved by something, a good desire that I forget to say, dear sweet loving God of mine, who loves me dearly, let your will be done in this so and so case and rest in that. Yes rest in his sweet love for me that all things that befalls me is for my good and his glory.

But this does not exclude wrestling with God like Jacob who would not let go of God until God blesses him. He fought hard with God and God blessed him. At other times we may wrestle with God and God may not give us the outcome of our desires but say tenderly to us,  'follow me.'

Will you follow in that hour or will you still expect God to follow you?

By not getting what you want will you depart from God or will you in quiet submissiveness say with Jesus, 'not my will, but yours be done.'

Are you expecting God to follow you?


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