Thursday, 16 June 2016

God continuously loves us

God continuously loves us, otherwise my love for him would not have grown. He daily sustains us, otherwise I would have fainted in my weakness.

He is the crown on my head, the eternal king of glory. He grants me new mercies everyday, Yesterday's sins forgiven and forgotten. What a wonderful love!

God is my father, he loves me everyday especially when I fail, his loving-kindness never ends. Oh I love him now, more than I did yesterday, and although my prayers fail, I know he works all things for my good.

He is full of joy, and when I am in despair he visits me, restoring my soul. Oh how I love him, but I often forget that he is always on my side. He will never leave me, though at times he hides his face.

Some days I ask, 'God where are you?'

In those days I pray, but in the end I always say that God is good, and rest in his providence. O I love my Lord, the king of all the universe. i praise you with my life, please use all of me. And when I die, a glorious day that will be, seeing you face to face, your radiance will fill my hear with endless joy!


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