Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Weary of my own soul

They say that I am good
Religiously inclined
Only if they knew
The tears that I cried,
My lonely nights and nightmares
Weary of my soul
Can't enjoy company
Being alone is killing me.
The end of me is her
So when she stopped seeing me
My life took a halt
Couldn't pay attention to the present
Without feeling pain.
Regretting my past self
But I think I'm on the mend
Still to her will I bend
My thinking to her beauty tends.
Memories comes like a flood
Of what we use to do,
Here I sit alone
She is happy with another
But I bless them both
Jesus taught me not to curse.
If I kept a drink
I'll be drunk through the day
Sleep my nights away
I was told not to wish my time away.
I let the devil tempt me
I think I've lost my citizenship in heaven.


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