Monday, 6 June 2016

The writings of Sunny Caane: Sobbing and sorrowing

Dear Sunny,

It is unwell with me my friend. The darkness has finally settled upon me. The news of her engagement has saddened me beyond despair. The light of life blown out of my heart by her rejecting me forever. O I wish that I could move beyond her shores and be happy; but it is to my misery that I am forever stuck in her love. O this detestable pain. It haunts me every waking hour and that is for almost every hour of the day for sleep forsakes my eyes. I cannot sleep. There is always a constant heaviness in my stomach. O the misery; this forlorn darkness that exhibits itself in the isolation of my soul. I am alone in this land and you are so far away dear Sunny that the only thing I can do to escape this awful loneliness is to go into the wild and taunt the bear so that he would brutally attack me. I know all too well what you will say. But I have tried the wine, the drunken nights, the orgies, even so attempted to build genuine love with a virgin of the purest kind. But each time I see her, I see her and all my misery returns drenching my soul in the awfullest of sorrows. O Sunny, woe is me. Time will not heal me only death can subscribe my sure release from this agony. Love has forsaken me and she careth not. she is in her bliss enjoying the light of day and I, sobbing, sorrowing. Before you receive this letter, it may be that I have gone to sleep forever. Do not come for me Sunny. If you are to see me again it is I who will find you or else I'll see you in the life after.

Your childhood friend



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