Tuesday, 7 June 2016

The Joy of confession - My heart aches

There was a boy who came to me late last night with this depressing poem. A feeling I understand too well. I counselled him pointing him to the love of Christ which never fails but it did him no good. His whole disposition was awful, reeking of misery and despair. I prayed for him remembering well the time of my misery and how God had used such a rejection to awaken me from my slumber to seeking first his kingdom. That whole episode resulted in me taking up the cross never to look back towards Egypt.

Suddenly she turned cold
the harshness is killing me
Taken as an enemy
Her feelings stone cold.
I understand the cruelty
To move on she abandons me
I am praying without hope.
Relentless tears, sleepless nights
Daylight aches
My heart breaks.


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