Saturday, 11 June 2016

I knew a sad boy who was always rejected

I knew a boy who came one night and fell at my feet. He almost cried the night away. I asked him what was wrong and he said:

"Sir, all my life I have been rejected. My parents gave me up for adoption when I was born and none would take me except this lady who lived not too far from here. But as I grew up, I saw that she hated me and soon learned that she took me in because the stat was giving her some money. She never loved me and last night she said to me, that each day she prayed that I perish. O the misery sir but that is not the worst of it. For there is one girl whom I loved with all of my heart because all of my life I have felt alone. But then she came along and for the first time I had a friend who filled the emptiness in my heart. She was angelic, golden and tasteful. I loved her dearly and believed entirely that she cared for me. Alas, she too was using me and never cared for me. Last night she unloaded on me how I was nothing but trash and that she had been using me because she felt lonely and bitter. I was always a dark moon to her. Then she told me that a man has come into her life with great sunshine, a sunshine that I could never have and then spat in my face. Dear Sir I cried and I am crying still! Help me do away with this heaviness that dwells in my belly. I cannot eat nor sleep. I am truly a child of rejection. Even the world rejects me. If this feeling continues I fear dear Sir that I should do away with myself and enter the realm of forgetfulness."

I looked at the boy with pity and told him that although the world rejects you, Christ and I welcome you. I told him to stay with me until his health his good and his heart recovers; but he fell down at my feet and wished that he was already dead on the  account of her.


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