Thursday, 17 February 2011

Miscellanies 2 - A dying faith

There was a boy who grew up in a Christian home and when he was old enough he left his home to live among his companions. His new life brought him closer to God and a zeal to reach his generation engulfed him as never before. He was on fire, a burning flame for the glory of God and for the conversion of the heathens. Men and woman looked upon him with great excitement and marvelled at his faith, he himself marvelled at his faith and thanked God for such grace. But his soul was sensitive to sin and one sin held him captive of which time and time again he could not defeat. He was often left paralysed and crippled and slowly but gradually it began to eat up his faith. His light was slowly burning and because of his sin of which he felt he failed so miserably left him a dying man. He felt sorrow in his soul and the faith he once had he only had a little left. He would go to church, but his heart was miserable, he could no longer pray to God in secret or had any solid desires to worship or convert the heathens. Although he wanted to restore the joy he once had but he felt unable to. His life was slowly fading away, he was filled with powerlessness. His faith was a dying faith. But his story does not end here for by the grace of God, a man came into his life to mentor him. The man taught him that His eyes should be fixed on Christ and not on his faith, nor his works but on Christ alone. The man greatly encouraged him and was like a father to him. He taught him more about grace and God’s unconditional love and how the work of Christ was his eternal merit and God could never condemn him. Slowly and gradually his faith returned and burned with a passion as that was witness by those reformers and apostles of God. He now knew how to bring sinners sweetly to the mercy seat of God and how to comfort guilty souls for he himself was under such discipline. His dying faith was rekindled and burned like a fiery furnace.


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