Wednesday, 16 February 2011

More short poems

The Black Shakespeare

His writings opened up the context of languages 
His words proclaimed on the highest mountains
Dressed in a coat ranged from the wildest beasts
And He only walked on white snows.
His traces are left like footsteps on human hearts
His thoughts are deeper than the space within
Who can question his immaculate mind, 
A genius shaped by Sovereign Hands.
Born with the slaves yet a tutor to the kings
Despised not his own but taught them freedom and peace.
‘A slave his more than a man’ he often said
‘And a man is more than a slave’ he openly declared. 


I knew the price I had to pay
I knew the choices I had made
In my desperation I designed my own grave
I crafted the wood from the reasons I gave
What is it to you, what is it to me.
The dangers I cuddle before my own eyes
If death it is to be then it was death I was begrudged to.
Now waiting; for my eternal sleep
Let no soul wake me as I lay six feet deep in the earths crypt. 


She got my heart beating like the drums in rock n roll
                    I can’t control how I feel, I know its deep this time
Its stronger,           brighter,                clearer than before
I cannot wait to see my                 baby tonight.
Can’t                 sleep can’t walk            can’t talk at all
I’m                      lalalalalalalalalala
She got my heart beating like the drums in rock n roll


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