Monday, 28 February 2011

Church last night and the screams

I have often been moved by the Spirit in sweet sensations that my belly feels like a swelling fountain about to burst with all manner of affections and delight. I have often danced and moved with such fierceness that I become uncontrollable but of which I am conscious of. There was a refreshness upon this house of which I mean the church of which at almost immediately I sensed the airy presence of the Holy Spirit and that He was at work in certain individuals of which manifestations were outward in groans and screams of which may have been a disturbance to some who are not so much occupied with such manifestations. I felt in my own eyes as I fixed my eyes in space a solidness of heaviness in the air which is I took to believe evidence that God is at work in this place. Also all that the preacher was saying, the Spirit had already occupied my mind with them in the present week .

But some may found it strange and observation proved to witness certain individuals leave because they were not accustomed to such strangeness in the church. So  I pray for those who are not moved by such manifestations not to count themselves unworthy or to superimpose a favouritism or madness to those who are succumb by the divine Spirit. I pray for love and the ruination of all jealousy and bitterness towards those who are moved by the Spirit accordingly and each as sweet as it pleases the Holy Spirit to move in them will by and by hold hands and rejoice that both their names are written in the eternal book of life.

In a later post I will write concerning this matter on the manifestation of the Holy Spirit.


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