Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The past two weeks

As a student with one lecture a week and a two hour tutorial every two weeks it is remarkable to witness how much time I have and how much I could do. I could work, indulge in my pleasures, study whatever I want to study, help people and many more things. Of course there are lots of things that I could possibly be doing but without a structure I could end up doing nothing.  The past two weeks have been to me a joy and delight, constantly amazed by the grace of God and his divine provision.

Two weeks ago was UWECU events week where the Christian union put on events designed to attract non-Christians to come and hear the gospel of Christ. I loved the week but faded out towards the end for reasons of my own. I loved the gazebo where we gave out free tea and coffee for the whole week to student. I enjoyed the many conversations and the friendship established through serving tea and coffee. The questions asked where general questions of which I had encountered before so it was a pleasure to answer accordingly and tell of the goodness of God. Many of the other events were also enjoyable and throughout the week non-Christians were able to hear the gospel of our blessed Lord. There are many things which happened throughout the week and I thank God for it all. I pray for eternal fruit from this week and that many come to saving faith in Christ.

Playing football for UWE we lost against Swansea which melted our title ambition, Glamorgan needs to drop a point and we have to beat them if we are to win the title. All is in God’s hand and whatever happens Jesus is my satisfaction. I do wish for us to be promoted and with all of my heart I will do my best. Having a niggle also is an hindrance but God has enabled me to play thus far and his grace will see me through according to his will.

Church I have loved, the fellowship awesome and the services have been sweet. Being a student I eat most often after the services and it saves me from cooking. I love the student ministry at WSC and love the leader passionately that I pray that God may increase the fold.

It is entertaining to me to have such a better passion for my study at university. I love reading the journals but I have much to do and more of my time need to be given to it if I am to excel. The literature is vast and interesting but most are saying the same things and my limited mind is beginning to grasp the concept and methodology of political leadership.

This week has been a return to my usual self in the sense of constant daily seeking to reach out to people and serve. I spoke throughout this week to at least one soul about our Lord Jesus Christ and by His grace I shall continue to do so. I need more passion more agony for the lost and to be a man bend on his knee to His God pleading night and day, wrestling with Him till he has blessed me and grants my request which are according to his will and when they are not He corrects them by correcting me.

My friend is in town for most of this week and it has done my soul much pleasure in seeing him again. I love him with all of my heart and pray that He will continue to stand firm to the very end till the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

And whatever is worthy, whatever is pure,  whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable - if anything is excellent or praiseworthy- think about such things.


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