Saturday, 19 February 2011

Miscellanies 3 - Refreshed and comforted by His love

My Dear Lord why should my soul doubt when you have sweetly assured me of the eternity of your Love for me. My soul, doubt no more for surely as God lives and exist so does His love for me. First he is my Maker, my creator and I the creature and He is my master and I his servant.  But this is not the reason for my comfort; He is my Father and I his child. Christ is my brother, my dear friend, for He ascended unto his Father and my Father, to his God and my God. But this is not enough for me, my maker of whose image I am made is my husband and I his bride. He is the fountain of which I drink and the Sun of my day. I am a member of his body, He my head. Such wonderful truths you have made known in your words, ‘it is easier for heaven and earth to pass away than my words to fail’. Wonderful are these thoughts so spread out in the pages of your book to me that my spirit melts with awe at the consideration of them. You have done so much for me and I so little for you, but you refresh me in the hope that when I land on heavens shore, I will utterly be transformed as to be entirely perfect so that I may worship you as I ought and understand the perfection of your love for me. There I shall have a dance with grace, kiss the feet of hope and bid farewell to faith. I shall eternally dwell with love and sing with joy. Your love has comforted and refreshed my soul, Oh to be wholly entwine with thee, and hug my daddy and touch my brother’s garment. I wait in hope and purify myself as you are pure.


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