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A fairy tale loss – Part 1

Upon a time, before the golden rings circled the earth, and princesses clustered by streams, arose one of imaginable feat, singing a song of bliss not woe, tearing the rippling rain from full clouds, thundering rainbows beyond solar galaxies, was the one intelligible, zealed, winged with love, pure as the golden throne, chanted his refrain of honey for a nymph, whose eyes once caught by stammering seas, melted and roaring for she, at once the trees adulterated eyes, replacing Sun with her nourishing smile, earth opening to kiss her with pearls, gold scratching the fire to refine something for eyes to behold, a transcendence worth, clothed in purple cloth, hair brownish black, skin pale as white creamy dew, fragrance myrrh breath, ivory towered tightened skinned galloping chest, drawing gods from unknown dynasty to bow a rain of diamonds, etching love with blood at her regal feet.

The one zealed, winged with love from flower to flower flew, drawing closer to the nymphs beloved secret bed, dandling past the jealous trees, weighted with awe, closer, imagining a kiss result in his dawn, intimacy known, his evening close, succumbing to his grave a full-strength man, lived and forsake a thousand lives, but one with her no wish for a death to die.

Golden peacock, coloured nymph alone, awake, unaware amidst her paradise exposed, transfixed on beauty entirely her own, no nymph eyes for splendour for splendour not her own, coloured in pride, character conceited, a vanities lover and purity chastiser, alarmed now, disturbed by the light voice, unmaintained, despised that flew her way.

Sprinkled with jasper dust, staring the one zealed and winged with love, finding insufferable, worthless poignancy, her he dared to feast, at once sought his valueless death, knowing her beauty at present his emotion secured, called him Adam, nearer nigh, to task him his death supply.

“Fair Adam crowned creation’s god, I dream a wish with you my lips should fall, eternal springs of open love, whiteness dove will you be mine at my appeal?”

The one zealed, winged with love overflowed with light brighter than the midday sun, trembling anew at what his eyes foresees, a life with her no wish for a death to die.

“Your smooth-lipped call, surely my heart inspired, no higher melody of obedience in me can rise, say and pray, your request is my life, if thee be the prize, my jubilee will have no demise”.

Bright flew her words, deep in his heart, poisoned unknown her feminine brilliance has blighted his mind, from her true wants, he leaps a clueless man into the forest beyond, to fulfil the nymphs desire that has overcome his heart.


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