Thursday, 29 November 2012

Do you seek to find - Part 1

The divine things are well enveloped, sealed and contained. Available to be open by him who seeks to find -


“Do you seek to find?”


“Everyone who seeks surely seek to find”.


“They ought to but not all who seeks seek to find. Some seek for seeking sake, some seek because they were told to seek - some seek out of curiosity but only a few seek to find. Those who seek to find are those who will find what they seek and in finding what they sought will their soul be satisfied unable to move to the next quintessence satisfaction. Many who seeks seek the wrong thing, for when they find that which they sought, they lived as if they never found it thus they never find what they are seeking for”.


“Have you found what you seek”?


“Yes my little entrepreneur. On my journey through the vast open road, I came to a little off road, very narrow and straight. Only I, my reason and soul could fit in - everything acquired thus far from the wayside of the vast road could not be taking in for there was only space for I, my reason and soul”.


“What did you do my professor?”


“Ah, I did what any thinking man would do my little adventurer. I sat a while with my precious belongings pondering if there was enough for me for the rest of my life, or was I to lose it all for this narrow road. Besides I knew not what this narrow road offered except for its deep darkness and sign which read ‘at the end of this narrow road and in-between are enveloped the divine things to whomever desire or dare to open them.’


I considered a little longer, eyeing my possessions, noticing among them that there was no divine thing among them; all I had were earthly things soon to perish while I live or to outlive me when I die. As a thinking man now praising my mother for teaching me the paths of wisdom, I renounced my worldly possessions and placed both foot on the narrow road. At first it was light, and then a gravity of heaviness wrapped around me as the darkness makes the world evening. What is this and where are the divine things I asked myself? Did I renounce all of my belongings for this? Did I renounce the light of the sun for the shades of a valley? – I looked back desiring to return for I saw the gold which I had left by the road’s entrance, sparkled brighter than ever my eyeballs saw it. It was as if it spoke to me, not to my heart but to my flesh. It said ‘leave the difficulty of the narrow road and come play and dance in vanities market. Our lives can be spent in leisure and luster by pleasures side and wanting’s ride - leave this effort consuming narrow road and place thy foot once again on the vast enticing open road. The gold spoke to my flesh but not to my heart - my heart loved this narrow road but my flesh despised it - so I did what any thinking man would do”.


“What did you do my master?”


“Oh my young seeker, I sat down and stilled my movement to listen to the argument between my soul and flesh- an hour argued but nothing gained. Both employed logic to perfect conclusions, even reason could have no sway till a passing stranger whispered to my ears, then immediately vanished to trust the sign for what have I yet gained. At this my flesh and heart stilled to ponder the words spoken. Ah flesh said my heart’s tongue - you are never satisfied by the possessions gained thus far and history tells us that with more gained the satisfaction will still elude - yes said the flesh accepting the heart’s remark with pry. Then reason rang her judge’s bell that this narrow road is to be marched, walked to finish, even though we have no light to gain what’s contained in the envelope aright.


I stood up and walked my young designer and there is much contained in this story to tell.

It worsened as snow and hail came in frightening speed reducing me to cower under ledges seen. I found a little grace of help, a stick to walk and a blanket to warm until finally, after a week’s plod I did find a tavern converters training hall. Surely for fellowship in here I have, my flesh has almost wearied my heart to return to my gold’s arms”.


“Welcome stranger, nay, none here are strangers - all are friends, nay, more than friends - brothers, and sisters, mother’s and father’s, grandmother’s and grandfather’s - tell me young convert what stronger bond than this creatures on earth can have?”


“None I reflected - for a brother is a friend but not every friend is a brother - and a father’s love is unconditional, the children’s right by birth”.


“I see you have converted your walk - straying from the vast business enjoying road to this dark valley - every converter has a story to tell - sit my young one over a hot cheer.”


“A hot cheer - never have I tasted such a thing - but since I have opted in your wishes I shall employ -”


“Brother of mine this hot cheer will make you smile - ease that flesh that’s aching your heart”.


“Dear sir, before this I buy, may I have a water to soothe my thirst?”


“There’s abundance of that available on the road you walk - did you not see it?”


“Nay sir, there was only snow and hail which fell”.


“Oh those were all for you to drink - on this road the pleasure is in the pain and yet there is more to gain”.


“Was I to drink the snow on the floor opening wide my mouth to catch the hail - surely it is unsafe, unkempt by man’s design, so I passed it by”.


“Many a convert have this much said except those whom grace was given exceedingly much to understand that the pleasure is in the pain. The comfort and gain is all immediate or soon after the pain. The ways here are upside down, in is out and out is in - much earthly reason cannot prevail here, not even Aristotle’s and Kant’s wisdom carry much weight here - sit now brother - there’s much of this song on the road to be song”.


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