Friday, 9 November 2012

Life should be lived with a Smile

Every day I walk to work. If I leave at a certain time I see the same people almost in the same place where I saw them the day before. There is one particular person who I look forward to see every day in my journey and it is a woman with her two children cycling to school. I see them cycling, the children being adventurous in their drive and the Mom careful and steady making sure that her kids are ok. I am not even sure that the kids are necessarily hers but that’s my assumption. I love to see this woman and her kids because as she cycles past, she always smiles at me and I always innocently with great joy return her smile. There is something about that moment which touches the soul like a bird’s joy sucking the juice out of a lily. A simple smile can demonstrate the heart of a person. This is why I conclude that life should be lived with a smile and besides Jesus came eating and drinking.


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