Thursday, 15 November 2012

The preacher's gospel truth

It was in the beginning of the gospel truth that many had tried to supress and eradicate it. The Pharisees and the Sadducees tried to supress and destroy it by calling its preacher a friend of the devil. After failing magnificently to suppress the gospel truth, although they crucified its preacher, yet it travelled on and on to Jerusalem, Judea and to the ends of the earth. The preacher's disciples carried on the gospel truth after witnessing the resurrection of the preacher. In their sweet yet difficult errands, they were met by many oppositions especially those who were Judaisers who tried to turn the gospel into law, yet the gospel truth marched on. Then came the persecution of Rome, but Rome could not cage the gospel. With every martyr came ten new convert. After this, the institution of Rome moralised the gospel trying to remove the power of God from it, but their efforts came to no avail, for the gospel truth marched on in the hearts of the reformers and those within the Roman church who had a love for the preacher and his gospel truth. Then the liberals tried to lock up the gospel truth in their naturalistic endeavours, but failed to supress the supernatural nature of the gospel truth. Then came science with all of its worshippers, but in the end science was reconciled with the gospel truth, although the battle still carries on, yet the preacher's gospel truth marches on. And through out history especially in the last two centuries, there has arisen many haters of the gospel truth, namely those who deny the deity of Christ, and those who deny the powerful workings of the Spirit. They have all been bowed under the greatness of the gospel truth. For to this modern day, the deaf are still hearing, the dead are still raised and the savages are still believing. The preacher's gospel truth shall forever march on, for the preacher has sounded his truth that will never call retreat.


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